Untitled (Back #48 Laurence); Untitled (Face #48 Laurence); from the series “Chocolate Portraits” by Lyle Ashton Harris 1998


Interviews by Rickels

“Theory on TV / On a Role. Laurence Rickels talks to Samuel Weber” (Flash Art, Summer 2000)

“Theory on TV: Gadget Goes to Florida - Laurence A. Rickels Talks with Gregory Ulmer" (Artforum, January 1996)

“Theory on TV: Making a Killing - Laurence A. Rickels Talks with Michel Serres” (Artforum, April 1995)

“The Kings and I: Laurence A. Rickels talks with Klaus Theweleit” (Artforum, September 1994)

“Speaking Djaman: An Interview with Kiki Smith” (Thresholds: Viewing Culture 8, 1994)

“Body Bildung: Laurence A. Rickels talks with Kathy Acker” (Artforum February 1994)

“It’s a Wound-erful Life: Laurence A. Rickels talks with Rosa von Praunheim” (Artforum December 1993)

“Spooky Electricity: An Interview with Friedrich Kittler” (Artforum December 1992)


Interviews with Rickels

Interview with The Vampire Lecturer: Laurence A. Rickels, Volume 1, Issue 15, October 18, 2022, James Reich

Jouissance Vampires; Episode 14 (June 28 2020)

"The Outer Limits of Psychoanalysis: An Interview with Laurence Rickels" (Rhetoricity)

"Emigres and Invaders/Laurence Rickels Interviewed" by James Reich

«Wer ist die Mutter, Bond oder die Gespielin?»

„Interview with Laurence Rickels“ (TOTAL DICK-HEAD August 21, 2010)

„Ethics of Encounter and Catastrophe Preparedness: Laurence A. Rickels talks with Gean Moreno” (Art Papers 2010)

„Der Nihilismus der Überwachung. Ein E-Mail-Interview mit Laurence A. Rickels von Tom Holert“ (Imagineering. Visuelle Kultur und Politik der Sichtbarkeit, ed. Tom Holert, Oktagon 2000)

“Interview with the Vampire. Nancy Barton talks with Laurence Rickels” (Flash Art, January-February 2000)

„Teenage Werwolf“ (Spex 10/1997)
„Teenage Werwolf“ in voller Länge


“Laurence Rickels” (Flash Art, May-June 1995)


“Digging Freud from California to Germany. Catherine Liu talks with Laurence Rickels” (Artforum, October 1993)

Catherine Liu interview with Rickels unabridged

„The Case of California: An Interview with Laurence Rickels by Avery Gordon and other Ghosts“ (Thresholds: Viewing Culture 7, Spring 1993)