Laurence A. Rickels


While his reputation and career seem to traverse a diverse group of interests and institutions, there is at the same time a “continuity shot” to follow throughout in his commitment to psychoanalysis and problems of mourning.
“Rickels’ work, it is worth pointing out, is reminiscent of Harold Bloom’s The Anxiety of Influence, both in its command of the contributions of Freud’s early followers to classical psychoanalysis and in its desire to challenge literary studies with a mode of reading that exceeds the boundaries of text-immanent criticism. Rickels is unlike Bloom, however, in his insistence that the psychoanalysis of literature must go beyond the notions of patricidal writing that followed a generation of psychoanalysts’ reduction of Freud’s thought to the Oedipal scenario” (Modern Language Notes 112, 1997: 487).

Laurence Rickels Vorstellung

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Featured on the site is the “Cover” Series by Nancy Barton. The portraits/self-portraits match the following books by Laurence Rickels:

Aberrations of Mourning

  • “Tot’s Tomb” 1997

The Case of California

  • “Black Narcissus” 1997

The Vampire Lectures

  • “Untitled (Dragula)” 1996
  • “Untitled (Ectoplasm)” 1996

Acting Out in Groups

  • “Group of One” 1998

Nazi Psychoanalysis

  • “Testing” 1997

The Devil Notebooks

  • “Devil Father Mine” 2005

I Think I Am: Philip K. Dick

  • “Tomb World” 2007


  • “The Big One” 2010

The Psycho Records

  • "Eye Candy" 2011/2016